En el terreno

Four people and five dogs watched the sunset.

We had a fun weekend with my uncle and his partner, preparing to move out to the land Sunday. Over Chinese lunch (comida, so 4pm) Edith said she didn’t think we should go yet, that we wouldn’t be secure and should stay with them or at a friend’s airbnb-style house, until we could get some hut built. As we talked more, with my uncle’s translation, we learned that she’s not worried about our own safety so much as our stuff, that she expects anytime we leave for more than an hour we should expect someone will try to steal our stuff.

We do plan to build a shack and have an idea about security (hint:root cellar) but that will take a few days. And once we move any of our stuff to the land we have to stay with it. And the trek between their hood and the land is about 20 minutes and includes muffler-stealing roads.

So we moved out and we’ll try to not both leave until we have some sort of secure space. The good thing about theft here is that if we come amidst a robbery we can expect the thieves to run (not fight) but the seriously lousy thing is that people will steal anything: clothes, dishes…not just the “valuable” stuff like tools and electronics. We’d been expecting to secure the “valuable” stuff (and tried to bring as little as possible) but if our clothes and cooking pots are stolen that will be such a hassle.

Of course, this land is a glorious place to be tethered to. We prefer navigating Spanish together, and we’d rather be together all the time, but being stuck to this spot is still a treat.

We “moved” (drove the van with all our belongings) Sunday evening in time to get minimally situated before dark. Sun will be our first challenge so we need shade.

first shade cloth attempt failed


mom July 01, 2018

glad to know you’re there!!!

mom July 01, 2018

I think you should just borrow Puki and leave him tethered on the property when you need to leave!

Anna Lisa Gross July 01, 2018

agreed! but Edith says he’s too pampered to live outside:-)

Elizabeth July 01, 2018

Haha, I like the Puki idea!

Beth July 01, 2018

How are Hannah, Booker, and Max liking their new home?

We’ll be there in a month!!!!! Can’t wait to see what marvelous things you’ve done by then.

Anna Lisa Gross July 01, 2018

agreed! they love it, it suits them perfectly, except Max would prefer we move our bed to ground level - we have to get him in and out of the van, and on and off the bed. poor stiff guy! today a neighbor dog came over (squeezed under the gate, clearly not the first time) and the guys loved him. Hannah barked and tried to chase him off, a totally novel action for her! I wonder what the deal is? he came back later and she still isn’t sure about him… he’s totally sweet as far as I can tell.

Ginny July 01, 2018

Be safe.sounds like you are having a good time

Anna Lisa Gross July 01, 2018

mostly good, learning and growing:-)

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