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Roadtrips with cats

They yowled for the first two hours. It was hard to breathe through the stress...

2 minute read

Botanical dyeing end result

Eating avocado as much as possible, we wondered what we could do with the skins....

1 minute read

Mexico City: just a taste

We had to go to Mexico City if we had any chance of getting our...

3 minute read

Man on Fire

Nope, not Phillip starting a bonfire or putting out a wildfire. During our enchanting, quick...

1 minute read

Spring has sprung in El Terreno

The seasons are completely different in central, mountainous, semi-arid Michoacan than in any other place...

1 minute read

Composting toilet results

Do you know how our composting toilet works? Check it out. The toilet has been...

1 minute read