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What *did* happen to that chicken?

(That recent sacrifice to dog instinct.) We ate it. It was good! Since we cook...

2 minute read    — 2 comments

11 chickens...but counting

Phillip puts a lot into our chickens, from crawling around in their poop to fix...

2 minute read    — 1 comments

We're stuck

How did we end up living in a van? Well, first we decided to live...

3 minute read

Chicken care

Phillip designed longer-lasting feeding and watering systems for the chickens. We needed to improve our...

1 minute read    — 1 comments

Gallinas aqui!

We got chickens! Phillip built the chicken tractor weeks ago. While Max enjoyed it, we...

1 minute read    — 6 comments

Chicken tractor

Phillip has almost finished this chicken tractor! Max loves it. With styrofoam roofing it’s not...

1 minute read    — 3 comments