What *did* happen to those chickens?

Remember how we wanted chickens to enrich the soil and turn our food scraps into eggs? And then we spent months waiting to find teenage chickens, but finally gave up and started with kids? And then fed them and tried to protect them for five months before getting an egg?

Along the way we failed to save three, killed on separate occasions by dogs. None of these dogs wanted to eat the chickens, just had the kill instinct. Phillip tried butchering them but only the final fatality yielded a meal.

What about the other 12 chickens, you may have been wondering? Remember how Phillip helped the neighbors finish a chicken fortress to keep them safe, and just as they started laying we left for a month in the US?

They would be laying well by now.

While we enjoyed the beaches of Puero Vallarta someone left the chicken fortress’ iron door ajar, and the three neighbor dogs ate 10. (At least they ate them, right?)

The last rooster standing (of three) is huge - no wonder six dogs passed him by for smaller prey. The last chicken might have an extra coil of brain matter, or just lots of luck?

The pair lives spaciously and survived recent wildfires. Wonder if we’ll see them when we visit El Terreno?

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