Chicken tractor

Phillip has almost finished this chicken tractor! Max loves it.

With styrofoam roofing it’s not TOO heavy and we’ll move it daily so the chickens get to peck and scratch in new places each day.


mom June 28, 2018

how soon can you get chickens?

yvonne June 28, 2018

will it be on rollers? I had one that my neighbors made. they had it flat on the ground and put nice handles on it at a height so it was easy to lift up just 3-4 inches. they moved it together; I had a PVC pipe that I could put under it and roll it each week.

Anna Lisa Gross July 11, 2018

We thought we might need to add wheels but since Phillip made the roof with styrofoam it’s move-able as it is. Not light, but just light enough!

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