What *did* happen to that chicken?

(That recent sacrifice to dog instinct.)

We ate it. It was good!

Since we cook on a grill it seemed like we should grill it. (Though soup sounded good, too, esp since we’re often cold here.)

I tried a yogurt curry marinade, using up our last limón reall

Worried about undercooking, I left it on the grill too long, but the marinade made up for it.

These are laying hens, not meat birds, so we ate the whole thing in one meal, but easily could’ve shared with another person.

Hannah and Booker got the bones (sorry, Max, you have extra digestive problems with chicken in your system). Phillip used to deny cooked poultry bones to his dogs since they can apparently splinter and puncture their guts. But in Mexico the rules are…hard to follow. We watched our neighbors feed their dogs two big chicken carcasses a couple weeks ago, and they chewed about as much as Hannah (which means inhaling whole). No problems.

I would’ve been satisfied with the salad. The only meat I ever crave is bacon (meat candy) but not eating the chicken would’ve been a waste, an insult!

But seriously - we have beets and radishes and at least 9 greens to eat, and can’t keep up with the beans, corn, squash, herbs that are getting thirsty, now that the rainy season is tapering.


mom September 28, 2018

you sure have done well at feeding yourselves!!!

Anna Lisa Gross September 28, 2018

Aw. shucks! It has been fun - a good use of time, and also surprisingly time-consuming!

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