Beaches of Puerto Vallarta

On this luxurious week in Puerto Vallarta, we’ve been bumming between Holi Beach (seen above and below)

Playa Destiladeras

and Playa Los Muertos

Couldn’t say which is best, because (of course) each have their charms.

Holi Beach (used to be a Holiday Inn there) is quiet and at the end of the charming river walk. The waves are rough, the ocean floor is rocky, and there’s an undertow. So water play happens more in the river’s end and the tide pools. There’s a restaurant with public (5 peso) bathrooms) and it’s a beautiful play to stroll. All the beaches have food and craft salespeople who come to you.

Since it’s a lousy place for weak swimmers, why did we decide to bring the dogs into this stretch of ocean? Tonto! They shivered for an hour.

Playa Destiladeras is the best place for swimming and other water activities, but it’s a long drive from the city - 30 min to an hour depending on traffic. There are outdoor showers and a bathroom (don’t remember if there was a small fee or free), and of course a restaurant. There are miles of shoreline to stroll. Read a whole post on Playa Destiladeras.

Playa Los Muertos is the place to be for extroverts, shoppers and party-ers, since it’s in Old Town and therefore restaurants, shops and clubs are everywhere.

Can’t go wrong - all have soft sand, gorgeous rocks, plenty to eat and drink, and friendly folks.

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