Chicken care

Phillip designed longer-lasting feeding and watering systems for the chickens. We needed to improve our systems anyway cause the chickens (bold again now that they’ve forgotten Puki and Luna attacking them) rush the door every time we open it to care for them. Plus they tear through food and refilling three times a day cramps our style.

Especially since we went “away” for our anniversary!

It worked - they ate well during our 24-hour vacation.

Not a smoke stack, a feeding tube. Check out the stormy sky and how sloped El Terreno is!

The water system needs another overhaul, unfortunately.

We can’t trust the cats to take care of the chickens; they want to take care of them in another way. Since we use a chicken tractor (moving their house daily) seed is left behind on the ground and songbirds enjoy the feast. Fly’s gonna catch one soon -she came close last week and looked like a flying squirrel as she attacked.

Our dogs aren’t a problem.


Mom July 25, 2018

Thanks for the demonstration of making the chicken feeder! Very cool!

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