The rainy season started early this year. Every day, usually late afternoon, we get a sprinkle or a thunderstorm. And hail! We weren’t prepared for that, emotionally or physically. We had to take a shade cloth down and empty out the other two, as they filled so quickly and buckled with the weight.

Hail amidst flower petals

The next morning we saw hail around town as we made our 4th? 5th? trip to the migration office. Hail amidst the flower petals, on Mother’s Day (in Mexico, a few days earlier than the US) looked like a mother’s day bouquet for the many mothers separated from their children. Borders, violence, economic strife, emotional/physical/chemical illness…. Perhaps melodramatic. Could just be a mother’s day bouquet for all the sleep-deprived mothers balancing family, work, health and more. Happy Mother’s Day!

Max sitting on a jar

We continue to mother our sweet dog buds. Max charmed us once again by sitting down on my empty kefir/granola jar in the truck. We were just glad he sat down! Usually he has to stand during trips, and he’s so unsteady (even on the ground) and the roads here are impressively bad. Usually I just hold onto him while Phillip drives.

Booker and Phillip

Booker continues to wake up each morning, and we are ever-so-glad. He had a positive check-up with our wonderful vet and continues to take heart medicine.

Our second trip to the vet last week was for Max, who has a flare-up of gastritis and has been puking (mostly bile) a lot. Often while we’re trying to sleep. Then one of us rushes (while crouching and trying not to squish any dogs) to get him out of the van…or at least off the bed.

Booker and Hannah

Hannah surprised us all by finding a guard dog bone in her body. She barks and chases the neighbor dog, Torce, when he comes over. We wonder if she has a crush on him and she’s pretending she doesn’t? Cause this is Hannah - she’s never asserted herself in her life!

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