What is permaculture?

And why El Terreno Reverdercer?

  • Re-green (verde=green en español)
  • Revive
  • Reanimate

This spring we moved to a thirsty, rocky 1.5 acre on the outskirts of Morelia in central Mexico. We’re honing vandwelling skills and striving to increase the health of this place.

Permaculture gets spellcheck’s red lines, but it’s an ancient idea. The interconnected nature of life is as old as life itself; I believe life is divinely designed to be this way. Permaculture honors these interconnections in how we grow food, get and use water, change landscapes, interacting with all our neighbors.

Read the permaculture principles.

My uncle bought this land 20 years ago and has planted 50 trees so far. When we arrived, the only human-ish totem on the landscape was the 10,000 liter water tank (filled occasionally by truck and not at all potable).

Here’s a video from day one:

We intend to revive and reanimate ourselves, too, in our living here. So far we’ve been daunted by establishing adequate shelter in this extreme climate, wearied by the rough roads and language barrier and taxed by dogs. Still, spending all day outside and using our whole bodies and minds is healing.

You may have read my blog posts at http://www.annalisagross.com but Phillip built this blog just for our permaculture adVanture, and made it easy for you to comment and follow; we look forward to your ideas and support.

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