Leaving Mexico

Mexico elected a new president yesterday, along with about 18,000 other officials. What I hear and read in the news about AMLO is promising, but I haven’t talked to any Morelianos who are excited about him.

I’m flying to the US today for our chruch’s Annual Conference. I worried the election could disrupt my travel, after all the murders, threats and polls shut down this season.

But what threatened my trip was the World Cup: after a pre-dawn three hour bus ride I still needed to get to the airport, and waited in a long taxi line for an hour. Hard to get anyone to drive taxis when Mexico is playing Brazil in the World Cup!

Then I finally get to the airline desk and discover I’m at the wrong airport. I’m surprised–Queretaro doesn’t seem big enough for two airports. No, the wrong city, the wrong state, two hours further north. Maybe Caleb at United is a happy Amlo fan, maybe he takes pity on my broken Spanish, maybe he’s just a well-trained and helpful person. He changes my flight for free.

How did I make this mistake? I looked many options to make this trip less expensive. Apparently I confused this 12:40 - 14:50 flight to Houston with the 12:40 - 14:50 flight to Houston leaving from Leon. Why United has these identical flights from different cities confuses my sleep-deprived brain, but I know Caleb is good for this country and hope Amlo will be too.


Beth July 06, 2018

The World Cup has been very much with Calista and me in Paris, Munich, and now Vienna! :-) Have a great time at AC, and with gratitude to/for Caleb,

Anna Lisa Gross July 11, 2018

Oh seriously! I’d like to hear those stories!

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