All the elements feel more extreme here - the sun is stronger, hotter. Afternoon wind comes in gusts, strewing our stuff. Rain is nearly daily now, and at least thrice a week it’s a thunderstorm.

I think the elements really are extreme, but we also feel them more acutely because we’re living in our van. Which means we’re mostly living outside and sleeping in the van.

We leave the sidedoor open all day so the dogs can go in and out. And now that we have kittens who realize that the space under our bed is the coolest playground, we keep the van door open so they don’t accidentally get separated.

I’ve been anxious about any of our sweet pets getting squished in the heavy van door because when the wind gusts, it blows shut hard without any warning. We rigged up some bungee cords. We use bungee cords every day in at least a few ways. Right now they’re holding: the rack on my bike, a shade cloth on the van, a screen over the rain barrel

Haven’t figured out how bungee cords can dry the mud or laundry, keep animals from pooping/puking in the van, or help us sleep through storms. But we’re thankful for the ways they do hold us together.

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