I sleep with six

For two days the kittens hid under the shed. For the next three days they took over the homestead. Then they moved into the van, and we fell asleep with them nestled between our pillows. We didn’t need more cuddling obstacles (we already sleep with two or three dogs) but oh good grief they’re cute!

We got these kittens because mice and rats live in the van and the shed, pooping in our stuff, scurrying around in the walls and ceiling while we’re trying to sleep…the horse and chicken farm next door recently dug a pond where the roosters had been so a mass migration of rodents came to us. These kittens are too small for ratting. The black one is named Fly for her first kill.

None of our dogs are any good at hunting. We think Max has been inviting the mice over for dinner, actually. A few minutes after I shot the second video the black kitten puked up a stomach-full of dog food (which they prefer to their kitten food), complete with a long worm writhing in it. As gray kitten started eating the puke I hollered for Phillip’s help and we got the worm out. They all won a trip to the vet.

Oh and then one of us had stepped in someone’s poop and smeared it right outside the van and Hannah jumped into bed with it on her feet and now Booker has some on his feet too and walked it onto me so the five good reasons to stay in bed all day have sent me out to clean a few times already this morning.

Eh, who am I kidding, we all got back in bed on a drizzly morning. A cup of coffee, a good book, and these kittens, so tiny I really can’t feel their weight on my lap, are too heavy to escape.

Update, by the time I got back from Annual Conference the kittens seemed to have doubled in size! They’re the perfect antidote to a gloomy day in the mud - until we step in their poop.

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