We eat a lot of pancakes. Our grill has a griddle top and pancakes are one of the few ways to get full quickly with our grill (we’ll tell you more about baking in the grill sometime soon).

Each time I’ve traveled back to the US, Phillip eats pancakes every day.

It’s easy to do because I mix the dry ingredients by the gallon and when it’s time to eat we can quickly add egg, milk and blueberries and get cooking.

We eat them like this:

  • 1-2 eggs
  • 1 cup of milk (or kefir, yogurt)
  • 1 cup of mix
  • 1 cup of cooked, pureed sweet potato or squash (optional)
  • 1/2 cup of blueberries (we buy them frozen)

We alter this if we have some milk to use up or want them thinner to cook faster or something. This amount feeds us both.

The mix is something like this:

  • 4 parts whole wheat flour
  • 2 part oats (minimally grinding them in a blender, food processor or coffee grinder helps them blend in better)
  • 2 part nuts - also ground or our non-electric method is to put them in a plastic bag and “roll” them with a jar (our rolling pin)
  • up to 1 part cornmeal
  • up to 1 part buckwheat flour or any other flour you like
  • as much cinnamon as you feel like, even cardamom or nutmeg - all of these sweeten the pancakes without sugar
  • baking powder - about 2 t per 1 cup of mix
  • to up the nutrition, consider adding green powder - but not storebought stuff with flavoring, we tried that once and it was disgusting. We’re making our own by picking amaranth, lambsquarter, etc, dehydrating leaves, then putting in blender.

Pancakes usually have fat and sugar in them but we just add butter and maple syrup when we eat them. Sometimes we use a little coconut oil on the griddle for the first set, but don’t need it after that.

I have included kale, but it wasn’t a family hit. Phillip said some bites were pancakes and other bites were salad. Next time I’ll either get the kale into smaller pieces (missing that food processor) or try drying and powdering the kale.


Mom July 18, 2018

that’s a hoot about some bites being pancake and some being salad! We picked blueberries today; sure wish we could share!

Anna Lisa Gross July 18, 2018

Oh that sounds wonderful! How many? Just the two of you?

Mom July 21, 2018

Yes, just the two of us. We invited Arlene and Kay. Arlene didn’t have time and Kay had a noon appt and was afraid we wouldn’t be done in time (we of course tho’t that brunch at the Bluebird was an essential part of the outing). As per usual, we saw friends there: Carolyn Bollinger, Marie Willoughby, Elsie Duffy (who also went to the Bluebird afterward). There were scads of people there; what a joyful place!

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