Every day there are headlines about websites collecting information about you, using it to manipulate your behavior, and losing it to even less savory characters. With this in mind we built this site with absolutly no tracking or data collection (even figured out how to embed youtube videos without tracking). How can we pay our tech bills without harvesting your data and showing you annoying ads? Here are some ways you can support this blog and our projects.

Buy something on Amazon:

Before you start an Amazon shopping session, click on our of our affiliate links, and we’ll get a little kick-back. For example click the link for the solar shower bags. This doesn’t cost you anything extra. You don’t even have to buy the bags, just use the link to get to Amazon.

Try out the Brave Browser:

The Brave Browser is similar to Chrome, but is even faster because it disables annoying advertising and analytics scripts from running. Instead it adds a token system for directly supporting websites you like. Use the link above and they’ll start you out with $5 of tokens to give away to your favorte websites. We see the Brave Browser as a way to make the web more like PBS or NPR, paying for the programing you want more of instead of being served advertisments for new shiny toys.

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