First aid in the field

I have a splinter in the arch of my foot. At first I thought I’d pulled a tendon or something, then realized it was the tiniest tip of a thorn, too deep and short to dig out.

Better soak my foot. Of course, we don’t have a bathtub.

Which bucket should I use?

laundry buckets: wash or rinse sink buckets: hands and dishes garden buckets: mulch and compost

Comment to vote.


Nora Roth August 01, 2018

Sink Buckets?

Marion August 01, 2018

If you have bleach I vote garden bucket after it is bleached! The others I feel would be uncomfortable to soak a foot. 🙏👣

Anna Lisa Gross August 02, 2018

I was going to vote laundry, since it’s not as dirty as the garden bucket (though I could’ve bleached it, yes!) and wouldn’t dirty up the sink bucket. But we were doing laundry, so I used a sink bucket (after showring) and the splinter is out!

mom August 02, 2018

i was thinking i would vote for sink bucket - it can recover from soaking your foot. i’m just glad to know the splinter’s out!

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