Garden gallery

The three+ sisters gardens are working out well. We’re eating lots of beans and squash. Hard to see in these close-ups, but the beans are wrapping the corn, as intended.

We’ve got tomatillo and pepper plants that are terribly nibbled by snails, bugs, etc. But they’re blossoming and fruiting anyway!

We’ve got 5’ corn and 2’ corn - even in the same bed, so perhaps we’ll never understand the difference.

The cats think garden beds are the best litter boxes, with all that loose soil. So I’ve uglied up beds with paper mulch (no shredder, unfortunately) and put bottles on every plant they haven’t destroyed.

We’re eating nearly ten wild plants on a regular basis, most of which we can eat in the US too. But watch out for glossy nightshade! I think there are safe ways to eat it but we’re not trying.

A pretty flower doesn’t mean we welcome the plant, like this bindweed. I wonder if it can survive the grasshoppers?

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