Saving for a not rainy day

When we moved to El Terreno, the only structure was a 10,000 liter water tank. Four or five times a year a truck filled it (with dirty water). Now we have two other structures that have roofs–which means gutters!

We collect from the roofs into a 1,100 liter tank. During the rainy season we watched the small tank overflow nearly every rain.

But the big tank was still 1/2 full of dirty water, so we wasted a couple weeks trying to decide if we should empty that and start over. Finally we decided to pump half of the water from the small tank to the large tank every time the small tank is full. When the dry season starts we’ll start with a full 10,000 of water, half from the sky. We’ll be sure to empty that big tank before the rains start next year so we can have 11,100 liters of clean rainwater.


Beth August 18, 2018

It is just mind-blowing to see how much El Terreno has changed in such a short time. Perhaps the time doesn’t seem short to you! It is incredible how much you two have accomplished (and with the helpful presence of the five four-paws!!)

Anna Lisa Gross August 19, 2018

Thank you Beth! It’s getting more satisfying too:-)

Mom August 19, 2018

Phillip, you are amazing!!

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