What $40 gets you at the vet in Mexico

We crossed the border with three senior dogs and acquired two kittens in Morelia. We have been to the vet at least 12x in four months. Sometimes we show up with all five animals and they don’t curse us (or they do in Spanish and we don’t understand). And often the bill is $100, but never more.

We told Dr. Alfredo all about our dogs’ illnesses (gastritis, detached retina, cataracts, heart disease, tumors, growths, stroke, nodules, epilepsy, etc.) and he was curious and calm.

Recently Booker’s heart condition got worse (turns out a chest infection was seriously straining his seriously sick heart) and we went 3 days in a row for injections to help with that infection. We didn’t pay the first two days, and then on the third day (since his heart rate and respiration had been even scarier) the vet took x-rays and ultrasounds.

As I prepared to pay for

  • three visits
  • three sets of injections
  • two sets of scans
  • 5 days of antibiotic pills and
  • a week of diueretic to try

I was glad I had my credit card. No way I had enough pesos.

Actually, just $40.


Mom August 21, 2018

clearly you picked a good time to be living in Mexico!

Anna Lisa Gross August 21, 2018


Beth August 22, 2018

Wow! And here I am taking pills each day that cost $35 each. Insurance brings the cost down for me, but all the same . . .

Anna Lisa Gross August 22, 2018

Good grief! We could try to find them for you here:-)

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