Bikes of burden

We haul things on our bikes

When I’m on my bike, especially with a strange load, people are friendlier than ever. The other day I brought home 8 meters of chicken fencing, and it broke the ice for a handful of conversations - with the family watching a herd of cows, with a man riding his horse while his dog followed, etc. I think we’re more approachable on our bikes. Morelianos are generally friendly, but we do stick out here and some people don’t know what to do with us. How are you different with strangers that look and talk like you, and strangers who don’t, in your community?

We’re impressed by what other people do with bikes, trikes, quadrikes and motors! Ice cream motorbikes (rather than trucks) offer sweet treats. We’ll get a picture soon. I’ve tried to get a decent photo of local trash trucks, but no luck yet. Remarkable.

How people use the bike lanes here is remarkable, too.

Props to the horses, for sure.


Mom August 23, 2018

is that fellow a sheriff or a musician? and how do you ride a bike w/ a ladder on it?

Anna Lisa Gross August 23, 2018

I think the musician’s stage name is sheriff:-) It’s hard to ride, easier to push, with a ladder.

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