Higher ground

We got fresh perspective by hiking up to the highest point we could find and looking down on our hillside. By then we could see most of Morelia. Definitely wish we had a good camera - Phillip’s phone is the best we have these days since I sold my digital SLR when we downsized to the van. But now there are impressive mirrorless options - any recommendations?

If you click and zoom in you can see my notes on the Catedral de Morelia .

Here’s a wide view from the hilltop:

There are higher points to reach and since we have great freedom to roam here, we’ll keep exploring. This hike was simply walking on our road until it became a cowpath, taking that cowpath and going up and up until we got to [blue arrow] here (photo taken from El Terreno):

Check out some of the flowers we met!

You may have noticed we have elderly dogs - here are some tips on hiking with them.

We weren’t that far from home, but it’s nearly impossible to see El Terreno. Click and zoom to try - see my notes?


Beth August 24, 2018

Does Max get sad when the four of you take off hiking, leaving him alone with the kitties and chickens?

Anna Lisa Gross August 24, 2018

Actually this time Phillip stayed home too:-) We let Max decide if he wants to go or not. But we can’t tell him what he’s getting into when we head out of the gate. He is the most independent by far though, and as happy as he when we get home, he’s not distressed while we’re gone. Gris and Fly are officially mousers!

Mom August 26, 2018

good news re the mousing!!!

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