Who is the cutest pest in the garden?

Turtle? Is it some form of ladybug (and therefore welcome) or some bad tortoise bug?


(Another angle on that snail)



Mom August 28, 2018

I have never seen a live snail moving - thank you for that!!! Your dog is eating raw green beans?! Crazy.

Anna Lisa Gross August 28, 2018

Yeah, the snails are fun! Though unfortunately destructive. Booker likes most vegetables, even raw. Max tries but can’t eat many:’(

Beth August 28, 2018

What a SWEETHEART! (i.e., Booker) Raw green beans . . . . gee. Teddy liked most veggies, though he preferred them cooked. But that was probably because of his teeth. Is that Max’s problem?

Anna Lisa Gross August 28, 2018

Yep, that’s Max’s problem. He can do peppers pretty well, but green beans, onions, tomatoes…we just find gnawed on. Poor guy! They all ate a bunch of cooked squash skin today! I was planning to give it to the chickens but the dogs ate most of it first:-)

Beth August 29, 2018

They have good taste :-)

Lydie August 31, 2018

Sooooo cute! The snail, too!

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