Brick city

On a recent bike ride we thought we’d find a different way home, and stumbled into a brick city!

We were tentative at first, thinking we might be trespassing in some little village. Well, not really trespassing, since there is a freedom to roam here. But still, we were on a narrow dirt road and didn’t see anyone around.

Then we realized the houses were actually bricks drying with tarps. And then we saw the chimneys were brick kilns.

We saw a couple trucks moving slowly, loading bricks. And we saw several old trucks that might just be good for radios and sleeping cabs. And then an old truck good for….

I don’t think anyone naps in that truck - not in the rainy season. But at least some of the workers are living on-site.

We thought these bricks might be for the construction we watch/hear all day from El Terreno, but those houses are concrete. The brick city is just behind a hill so we can’t see it from home, but it’s only 20 min walk away.

We think we see the bricks for sale when we drive on the main road around Morelia.

If you have strong hands you might be able to break these bricks, but they seem to hold up alright in basic construction. What’s the best way to heal land after this sort of strip mining?

These are some strong hands.


Phillip August 31, 2018

Clay + Hole = Ponds!

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