Predator gallery

Grasshoppers, chochos are turning all leaves into lace. (Did you ever notice that tatting becomes eating by trading a letter?)

I search for eggs, worms and insects throughout the gardens every couple days, but can’t keep up. I’m grateful to the predators, the beneficial bugs and other garden helpers, whose appetites favor squash beetles to squash blossoms. And these pollinators: wasps and bees.

I think the shiny ones are Mexican beetles (zygogramma genus), which can be pests or predators depending on the subspecies of beetle and kinds of plants you want to grow. And the second is a type of assasin bug?

We have a ton of these on our mallow, and they might be lightning bug, margined leatherwing beetle, assasin bug, milkweed bug…any thoughts?

These are the only two frogs I’ve seen en El Terreno, but they’re great predators.

The first is some species of calopteron winged beetle and probably a beneficial predator. The green bug?

Happy to see ladybugs and a young lady beetle.

Do the bugs think aliens have landed in the garden? The jugs and bottles help with the pests, a little. I scoured websites to identify this moth/butterfly, but never found a match.

Recognize these bugs? They wash off the roof in heavy rain onto our barrel. And this caterpillar…will it become a pest or a predator? I think a tent caterpillar

The large predators en El Terreno are my favorite.

We share the grasshopper bounty with the chickens, but soon might try eating them ourselves. With lime, chili and salt.

We have so many lizards and spiders helping out with the bad bugs, they’ll each get blog posts of their own. Stay tuned.


Beth September 14, 2018

Nature is so rich and amazing! It’s (slightly) reassuring to me to know that even at the lightning pace that we humans are destroying species on this planet, such wealth abounds . . . here in NC as well!

Anna Lisa Gross September 14, 2018

Hear, hear! Been thinking extra about you (and nature) in NC and sending peace your way!

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