Whose larva?

A couple weeks ago we celebrated Mexican independence at the festival de mezcal.

Mezcal is in resurrgence and some are delightful. But my favorite consumable at the festival was the escamol.

Clever, my uncle brought this to our table and suggested we try it before finding out what we were eating. Cheesy, creamy, like rich cottage cheese.

We figured eggs or larva, but couldn’t guess what animal. Ants! It was so delicious I considered harvesting en El Terreno, since we have so many ants. But they’re too fiery. I’ll leave that to the pros.


mom October 12, 2018

sure glad Stan didn’t try to foist this one on me! At least I don’t think he did. When he got me to eat huitchlocote, i said i would anything from a plant, but no so adventurous when it comes to animal products.

Anna Lisa Gross October 13, 2018

Yeah if I think too hard about chicken eggs I start to get grossed-out! Let alone meat. So this was in the safe-icky animal product category for me:-)

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