We have a water heater

Phillip made this simple passive solar water heater. He dug and leveled a 3” deep pit, lined it with plastic and styrofoam, and now we can scoop out warm (or even hot) water most afternoons.

But most days we don’t bother, since it’s inconvenient - takes a tiny bit more work and perhaps one more minute than getting water out of the rain tank. Should a minute and some scoops matter? Probably not.

Of course, there are also lots of drowned bugs in it. I know they get hot enough that it doesn’t “matter” but it’s off-putting.

When it gets too buggy Phillip cleans it out and starts fresh. He’s a trooper.


mom October 12, 2018

I was with Beth S. last night and she mentioned this posting, wondering if you don’t have some kind of sieve to use to get the bugs out. Even if you do, I can imagine that dipping water out of a 3-inch-deep container would seem tedious.

Anna Lisa Gross October 13, 2018

No sieve - I just pluck them out one at a time. The dipping, as you say, is the most tedious part!

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