Spider gallery

Fun fact/fiction: you’re never more than three feet from a spider. It’s true en El Terreno, though the internet says everything from sort of true to not true.

Thankfully spiders don’t bother me (though I don’t like the occasional bites). Mostly they’re fascinating and often beautiful, and I don’t pick them up. Here are some that we see a lot:

Crab spiders are lovely and well-named.

Paraphidippus genus, in the jumping spider family, not sure of species.

Here with the female. I haven’t looked up their mating habits - not that interested.

They do jump.

More jumping spiders - golden and Johnson’s?

The most fascinating are the lynx spiders, green and striped.

I think these are all wolf spiders (along with the header photo).

Don’t all spiders have webs? No. And only the cobweb family makes three-dimensional webs.

Orbweavers build in the vertical plane, often between objects - these picked tree branches.

This one found a safer spot in an agave leaf.


mom October 31, 2018

Those videos are amazing!!!

Anna Lisa Gross November 18, 2018

Thank you! Can’t wait to show videos from the new drone! Not of spiders, though, I think it will scare them away.

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