Patzcuaro is a fun and funky town less than an hour from Morelia. It’s an excellent get-away for a slower and quieter life. Definitely a more tourist-y life, too. The only menu I’ve seen with an English side, for example, was in Patzcuaro.

Apparently it became a desirable spot for ex-pats (esp from the US) ~15 years ago and real estate prices soared. Then a rash of violence scared many people away. But the town has been relatively safer since…. Relatively.

We’ve eaten very well in Patzcuaro, such as these chiles en nogada. Viva la independencia!

We had a fabulous day in Patzcuaro with Beth, Lydie and Sharon.

I’m glad we don’t have footage of our harrowing drive into the city market. Following a map to the town’s sites (like this street market) wasn’t a great idea.

Phillip got us out of it - we were wrung out with worry and then relief!

We spent the rest of our time on foot.

The dogs loved Patzcuaro too, and the townsfolk loved them.

Patzcuaro has our favorite chocolate (100% cocoa!).

A few quick films of the plaza, where a 6-year-old with a backpack offered us marijuana or ayahuasca. We said no, then watched him offer the same to some other tourists (in-country) who laughed with surprise.

Last time we were there we saw major construction at the plaza. Guess we better head back to Patzcuaro when we return to Mexico to 1) check on the construction 2) buy more chocolate 3) eat something fabulous

(That trip was soon after Independencia, so the header picture is the confetti aftermath.)


mom November 16, 2018

thanks for identifying the header picture! i wasn’t quite getting it.

Anna Lisa Gross November 17, 2018

Remember the close-ups in Highlights magazine? Almost like that:-)

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