Getting our Mexico bodies back

We crossed the border two weeks ago and we’re starting to get our Mexico bodies back. At least, I’ve got my Mexico feet! I expect the tan will take awhile, and I might hold onto my US-holidays-weight.

Check out the ant (bite) caught in my spider web. Not as satisfying as the chochos in the banded garden spider webs in our gardens.

And on my right foot is a bruise from the time Phillip dropped the heavy iron digging pole onto my foot (on accident!).

That was the same day he ran into me with the truck and knocked me into a ditch. Okay, that was entirely my fault - I was helping him park closer to the curb, standing on the curb, and didn’t realize that the truck body would stick out so much further than the tires–until I was on the ground a few feet below where I’d just been standing. Actually, I was flat on a tree trunk. It (thankfully not me) was dead in that ditch. I got up, laughing with surprise, relief, embarrassment and cheer, and Phillip said, “where did you go?”

Did you read about how scratched up he got for me?

Bruises, bug bites, dirt, cuts, chapping cover our bodies once again. Don’t get me wrong - this isn’t a Mexico body so much as a living-in-a-van-in-a-field-while-farming body. Despite some itching, burning, scratching, aches and smells, our bodies are truly grateful to be back in summer.

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