Sleighless delivery

Merry Christmas y Feliz Navidad!

We spent a month in the US this fall and came back with a carload of Christmas gifts for the family of a friend (good thing we had a van to fit it in!) So when we delivered it, they fed us very well and we stayed in this extremely peaceful spot:

They live near Los Azufres (sulfur pools) where an inactive volcano heats geysers and pools, used for geothermal energy and spas, respectively. We can’t take the dogs into the spas, but we do like to hike in the woods with them.

It’s virtually always harvest time in a temperate climate like this, and that week was some grain or grass, by hand.

Despite the mountains, the fields and woods feel like home (Indiana) to me. The mountains are a stomach-flipping bonus. As awkward as it is to be hosted by people who only speak Spanish (and often speak it fast), I’m glad we can be a bridge between them and their loved one in Chicago. Even an awkward bridge is a bridge!

The first time we visited, they tried to insist we spend the night, but we hadn’t made arrangements for the chickens or cats. This time we were prepared to spend the night, but then they were disappointed we couldn’t stay for lunch the next day. So the next time we go, we may just stay for days. Might we learn more Spanish, first?

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