Fastest restaurant in the world!

We ate at Karne Garibaldi, a restaurant in Guadalajara which holds the Guinness Record for the fastest customer service in the world (at a sitdown restuarant, presumably). It was quick service, with expert camareros weaving through the packed dining room.

The food is delicious, too! I like the botana (appetizer) frijoles con elote y totopos. The main event is carne en su jugo which must include beef (carne) “in its juice.” I noticed crispy pieces of bacon (tocino) and what must have been chorizo, a multi-animal stew.

Perhaps most record-worthy was the valet staff, cramming (without incident) cars and even our big van into an L-shaped parking lot. But they didn’t know how to turn the van on, so Phillip had to get the van back out - I didn’t give him a propina but was absolutely impressed!


Sharon January 05, 2019

Nice story

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