Gas shortages

Depending on who you ask, there might be a fuel shortage in Mexico, or it might all be waiting on barges at the coast, or perhaps Mexico’s refineries are inefficient, or….

But people love to 1) complain (especially about leaders) and 2) freak out about tangible things, so people are waiting hor HOURS at gas stations, paying twice the official price on the black market, and spouting off online and on the street. Why can’t we use this energy to deal with a real problem - peak oil or climate change, for example? Talk about a fuel shortage…

Whatever the reason, and you can read articles that claim all sorts of reasons, gas stations don’t always have fuel, or don’t have both kinds (red and green), and we’re glad we have bicycles.

Except that we’re hoping to go see the monarchs and then go to Mexico City for a residency-related errand this week, and can’t make it on our 1/2 tank of gas.

AMLO is probably trying to crack down on organized crime’s gas stealing, huachicol but a country’s fuel supply is complicated. Glad I’m not president.

In the meantime, here’s some “progress” in our neighborhood - apartment building and brick manufacturing. This hillside was devoid of human structure when we moved here last April, and soon 700 units will be ready. (If you zoom in on the header photo you can see it, too).

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