Winter weeds

Winter brings a new menu of weeds to El Terreno. These are the ones we’re eating regularly.

Curly dock

We’re eating the leaves in salad or soup, and solar dehydrating the seeds for pancakes. (Our pancake batter - right photo - does look a little weird, huh? It’s gotten even healthier than before, and I’ll write about that soon!)

Wild lettuces and some variety of cichorieae

We’re eating them as salad, mixed with something else since they’re bitter! I’ve been trimming the plants (there are scads around) to see if newer growth will be more mild.

Buckhorn plantain

The leaves go in salad or soup. The seeds I’m just eating straight - I intended to solar dehydrate them for pancakes or bread, but I tasted some and was delighted by the rich flavor.

{Check out our summer weed menu.](


mom February 03, 2019

good to know about buckhorn, since I don’t like it growing in the lawn! I will have to try the seeds next summer.

Anna Lisa Gross February 05, 2019

I’d say the seeds are even tastier after drying out - but tasty either way. I will happily help eat yours this summer!

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