Composting toilet results

Do you know how our composting toilet works? Check it out.

The toilet has been a success in our Mexico permaculture adVanture. Especially when it got a classy, ventilated house!

Eventually the fan broke, and the flies have been worse. Bad for morale when one is already under the weather and making frequent visits to the outhouse:-( Still, overall a success.


  • no plumbing
  • no water
  • portable
  • never will clog
  • can water trees/bamboo with urine


  • flies (when fan isn’t working)
  • burying a bunch of poop every two weeks (though hasn’t been a big deal, and provides a little exercise)
  • dogs were too curious

What I mean by that is that occasionally we noticed Hannah’s breath was stinkier than usual, and her kisses grossed us out. We realized she was digging up our buried bathroom (poop, toilet paper and peat moss). Burial ground is now dog-proof.

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