Roadtrips with cats

They yowled for the first two hours. It was hard to breathe through the stress of traffic and cat cries. We were tired and sad and knew it was just the beginning.

A 2,100 mile journey couldn’t have been harder if we’d biked it, right?

We started with the cats in their carrying cages, but it didn’t help. They just had to cry for the first couple hours each day. Grief at the growing distance between us and El Terreno? Readjusting to the terrifying experience of 70mph?

A few times each day they’d insist on watching the road from Phillip’s shoulder, lap or the dashboard, endangering us all. one night we simply had to stop because we couldn’t keep them out of the way, even with harnesses and leashes.

Are they wondering…is this a stampede? is that prey? am I prey?

A few times each day they’d settle down, too, giving us dangerous hope.

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