Is that a fawn?

The last time we crossed the border one agent asked “Is that a fawn?”

She was looking at Max in his plaid flannels. We can’t decide: is he weirder in clothes or naked?

Big ears, bony face, lack of hair and crooked posture all confuse people. His neck looks more like a horse than a dog. “A baby antelope?” asked the border agent.

Border agents don’t need training in mammal identification. But we truly were surprised when we took Max to the vet in Delphi, Indiana, and the receptionist greeted us with “Is that a dog?”

We’ll never know if he’s an Italian Greyhound (as his papers claim) or a Xoloitzcuintle (as ~100 Mexicans have declared). Those categories are social constructs and rather useless, anyway. We know he loves forehead snuggles, snacks, sleeping under the covers, warm weather and company.


Beth May 05, 2019

awww . . . I miss him!

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