Hoods of holy week

If we were in Mexico for Holy Week we’d be in vacation and festival season. Schools and many jobs take two-week vacations. Heavy traffic and busy-ness move from cities to beach towns. Mexico gets extra colorful and flowery.

Like the Viernes Santa procession (Good Friday). We went to historic downtown Morelia last year and watched. Devout of all ages prepared costumes and displays and walked for hours.

We were surprised by the hoods, and realized how large the KKK looms in our sight when hoods are involved. Capriote, the hood, has a long religious tradition and perhaps the KKK was appropriating it from the Catholics they hated? Do you know?

The procession is supposed to be silent and solemn. At least it used to be - maybe the rules are changing, or maybe self-control is waning? Capitalism is powerful.

Good Friday always sounds off-kilter. It’s the day we commemorate Jesus’ execution. I know we’re supposed to be grateful and impressed, but why call it good? The Spanish santa works better; it’s a day to revere, but not celebrate or praise.

Holy day, to you.

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