Wet Blanket

Follow-up on laundry: our bedding is too big for bucket washing, so I’ve been hanging sheets and blankets out and spot cleaning. Which is a good use of time and water, it turns out, which I never would have chosen if we had a normal electric washing machine. In the past a muddy paw print would have justified tossing a blanket into the washing machine, which is pretty ridiculous. There are many ways to do laundry by hand and they all take more time than a washing machine, but much less water and no electricity.

My perspective on clean and cleaning is rather circumstantial, it turns out. More on that here.

I shook and hung out all our bedding today, really looking forward to a clean bed tonight. We went out to use the internet and do errands and it took forever - turns out everyone is shopping today to celebrate tomorrow’s holiday (May 1 is the holiday here).

While we were out it rained, which was not in the forecast. We fantasized that it wasn’t raining on our mountainside. But we came home to wet blankets at dusk, and the best way to dry them is to touch them (we’re the warmest thing here), so we’re in bed with wet blankets. We gave Max the single dry blanket and Hannah and Booker have towels between them and wet blankets - they’re so tender! We did have dry, clean sheets. Dry until we put on the blanket.

I wanted to turn on the van for a little heat, but we’re low on gas. The pick-up, which we’re using for errands, had trouble on the way up the hill tonight. So tomorrow we’ll stay home and I’ll dig all day looking for places without feet of limestone, and Phillip will build a chicken tractor. And if it doesn’t rain too much I’ll be making something with chocolate - we need to cheer up!


mom June 28, 2018

I hope yesterday was sunny and you got all dried out!

Sadie June 28, 2018

Sorry your blanket is too big for washing - clearly I should have made a much smaller….! nice to see it here - hope you are all dried out and warm now :)

Cathy Closz June 28, 2018

Just catching up on the blog! Chocolate a must after a damp, chilly night!

Anna Lisa Gross July 11, 2018

Even our sheets are too big for washing in the bucket! It simply isn’t a complete laundry system. But it’s getting us by, and we can always go to Cafe Gabi to use a real washing machine. Of course, now that it rains pretty much every day I’m not sure how we’d dry the clothes (at Gabi’s we hang them on her rooftop). Easier to just wash here and hang here, and then hope we get enough sunlight in the morning to dry things. We’re doing okay so far. I mean, we don’t smell too bad, right?

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