What people are talking about in Morelia

Our world is quaking with important news. Families separated while seeking asylum in the US. Two mayoral candidates assasinated in our state of Michoacan at least130 candidates have been murdered this election season). So what are people talking about around here?

The World Cup.

We didn’t even know the World Cup was happening until we heard that fans jumping for a goal registered as an earthquake in Mexico City. What a fun story! Turns out it’s probably not true:-(

While the election is mostly a joke to the Morelianos I’ve talked to, they’re going to vote anyway. It’s our right, our duty, to vote. Even if we write in “Donald Duck” we vote.

People generally expect the US to be inhospitable and cruel to migrants and asylum-seekers. People have full faith that electoral politics are corrupt and violent. So why get caught up in the drama? Just enjoy the World Cup. It doesn’t work for me, but I sympathize.

We have so many physical, tangible tasks to get through each day that I don’t spend time worrying, posting opinions, reposting new stories - let alone something potentially useful like contacting legislators or seeking out ways to help the Central Americans and others fleeing violence who are certainly passing through Morelia. It’s a relief, to have so much to do here, so I don’t have to wonder how to engage these woes. Because we are seeking the peace of this place in faith that there is a place for each and everyone.

Except maybe scorpions.

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