Sink Success!

We’re sinking to new heights of permaculture harmony, as close to the easy life as we’ve ever been here. We started with this sink system.

We washed hands, dishes, rinsed our toothbrushes, etc, into that tub and then dumped the water on trees. This served some basic needs:

  • we didn’t create a big mud puddle under the faucet
  • we got to water thirsty trees rather than contribute to the erosion here
  • we were using our only faucet for everything we could use it for

But it was gross to wash our hands into the dishtub, even though we rinsed it before washing dishes. And the tub took up the only table space we had.

Now we have such luxury! Check out our kitchen “plumbing.”

And here’s our bathroom sink.

We’ve run into some snags:

  • mold-type stuff growing in the jug which we never managed to clean out (so it went into the garden and Phillip adapted another jug, and we’ll probably need to do that again every couple weeks, or start painting the jug)
  • water came out too slowly and I never felt like I got soap off my hands (so Phillip made the watering hole in the jug bigger)
  • the water simply trickles down the side of the jug, rather than onto our hands, as soon as the jug is less than 2/3 full (so we have to refill at least once a day) Still our water systems are so much smoother than ever before! Read more about tippy-taps.


Mom July 02, 2018

You all are amazing!

Beth July 06, 2018

Ditto to Mom! love you, Anna-Lisa, love you, Booker,

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