Mass murder

Whoever thinks organic farmers are touchy-feeling pacifists doesn’t know any. There’s a lot of killing in any life-rearing.

I’ve been digging these “blind chickens” out of a small root vegetable bed, since their favorite food is roots. I’m feeding them to our chickens, but the teenage hens seem overwhelmed by the grubs. But giving them to the chickens feels less murderous than smashing them with a rock (which I did before we got the chickens).

Any tips on discouraging them? I can’t dig amidst our carrots, radish, jicama anymore since their little roots don’t want my fingers or those grubs as neighbors. What we’re dealing with is la gallina ciega (Phyllophaga spp.) So basically June bugs. Lots of tips online - any of these work for you?

Other things I routinely murder:

  • mosquitos - we do try to disuade them with essential oil and citronella torches
  • flies - we live next to a horse farm, there are so, so, so many moscas, on our food, on our faces, on our legs, on our dishes…
  • ants - they bite the dogs often (us too sometimes) and the burn last hours
  • mice, rats, but we’d prefer to be killing more of them - or for the cats to do it!
  • scorpions - I’ve even considered setting “traps” for them to kill more - putting rocks along the wall is a good way to find them

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