Sun salutations

Monday is our official anniversary and we’ll do 108 sun salutations, a tradition to mark the changing of a season. We’ve only been married two years but life before Phillip is hazy. There’s never been a “normal” period in our short romance. All the more reason to stretch and breathe as we settle into this new season together.

Having this yoga plan is getting us practicing. Wait, aren’t you sitting around in Mexico’s sunshine all day doing yoga and eating mangoes?” you might be wondering.

I expected we’d have more “free” time here than in previous seasons but that’s just not how it works. First, being here the way we’ve chosen to be takes a lot of work. Second, we’re the same people here that we are anywhere else, and haven’t magically become more disciplined or structured than before. So we need to choose, commit and stay accountable.

Hence, we decided we’d practice yoga twice a day to get ready for our 108 sun salutations, and this means we’ve actually done yoga once daily for a few days. But we were doing yoga twice a month before. Progress.

And we did choose some r&r for our anniversary, too. Read about that.

Anyone else have trouble commiting to healthy practices? What about precision in punctuation? Our anniversary is a great opportunity to point out that it’s hard to write in Spanish on an English keyboard. I can switch it over to Spanish but then have to re-learn typing altogether. So I tend to be lazy about accent marks.

But when writing año (year), the tilde (squiggle over the n) is really important. Ano is anus.

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