How to make apple crisp in a grill

With hidden vegetables!

You could make it in an oven, too. We’re still hoping to find the secret for baking in our grill, since we love desserts. But ours is portable (small) so indirect heat is hard to come by.

Desserts like apple crisp barely care. If the apples are soft and the crisp is browned, it tastes fabulous.

Here’s how we made apple crisp recently:

  • squash puree, about 2 cups
  • sliced apples (we keep the peel on but many people prefer peeled for texture), about 4 cups
  • sugar, about .5 cup
  • cinnamon, about 2 T
  • nutmeg, cardamom, cloves, any other pumpkin-pie-type spices that you enjoy This is heavy on spices because the squash puree has minimal flavor.

mix together and spread on the bottom of your pan(s). To make in a grill, use as many small dishes as possible.

Then mix:

  • oats, about 6 cups
  • butter, about 1 cup
  • sugar, about .5 cup
  • flour, about .5 cup
  • any seeds or nuts you like - we use chia and pecans or walnuts, about 2 cups
  • might as well add some cinnamon and other spices to the topping too, but less than in the fruit layer

This is dry and hard to mix unless you just go ahead and use your hands. Then smooth over the fruit.

This recipe is heavy on oats and light on sugar compared to “traditional” apple crisp so adjust to your taste. Honestly, I don’t measure so all of this is a guess - this kind of recipe is easy to taste along the way.

Then bake until the apples are soft - or whatever texture you like.

If you’re not going to eat it all in two days we recommend freezing it - it thaws perfectly. The squash will go bad first, so at least put in a fridge after a day or two, but freezing will keep it fresh best.

Heat it up before you eat it and add milk, yogurt, kefir or ice cream.

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