Presa de Cointzio

Morelia gets water from Lago de Cointzio, controlled by the (dam) Presa de Cointzio. It’s a (relatively) peaceful bikeride from El Terreno, mostly by bike path!

We don’t have a drone for this sort of camera footage. At least not yet…so we’ll borrow this:

In April the lake looked like a field of soybeans as we coasted into the valley. In August the water lilies aren’t as thick - but they are blooming!

The lake is beautiful, but we enjoy it as an excuse for a great bike ride - hard uphill, sweet downhill, then into the conifers - so many that the air is full of sweet sap smell.

Apparently the water supply is running out and perhaps there isn’t a plan for where Morelia’s water will come from next. We can’t tell you more since our Spanish is bad and local journalism is thin. But we will dig some more swales and hope for the best.

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