La colina de la muerte

Virtually every time we go into Morelia we have to take the scariest hill, whether by bike or car/truck. We could go another way on bike, adding 30 min each way. By truck we could only avoid it by going off-road altogether, and perhaps get stuck.

But if we ever get stuck, if the transmission goes out (which is does), if a tire blows, on the scariest hill I think we’re done for. It’s a steep hill+sharp curve+cliffside+narrow road+potholes.

The other day someone had filled in some potholes and left behind dog food bags filled with rocks to protect the roadwork. So we got an obstacle course, too.

I want to communicate the terror through video, but haven’t found a way to do that yet. I’ll let you know when I do!


Mom September 02, 2018

actually, that video is quite terrifying to me! feels fast with not much control, especially with the rain. i know it might feel less scary if i were in the vehicle….or maybe not!

Beth September 08, 2018

Yep–pretty scary to me, too!

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