I was shopping for chickens when I saw four kittens in a tiny cage. The black one caught my eye, because black cats are just the epitome of cat! She has stunning eyes, too.

She used to be so small!

Often the cats disappear in the afternoon for naps in their cabana loft. But if we’re in the van Fly might find us there. She definitely treats the van as home, e.g., she brings prey into the van to torture it. We try to dissuade her.

Fly got famous for gently, persistently attacking Max. She’s adorable.

She’s not noisy and bold like Gris, but she is more comfortable with the dogs.

The cats’ territory extends a few feet each week. When Gris is in unfamiliar territory he yeowls a bunch, like “Hey, I’m scared, look at me, I’m brave, what’s going to happen?!” Fly is subtle. She gets up early (it’s a girl thing; Hannah and I do too) and is silently hunting before Gris rolls out of the van. And when she gets into a new place she’s cautious and quiet.

Fly is an amazing climber, which is one reason her name suits her. Her first kill (that we witnessed) was a fly, so that’s the initial inspiration. But Fly is often up poles, trees, on the wall. I’ve tried to get photos but she’s so quick!

She’s content.

Unless we’re in the truck.

Fly likes yellow.

She disappeared for 11 days and came back uninjured with a full belly. We’ll never know.

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