A Cat's Life in El Terreno

El Terreno has been hard on our cats recently! To celebrate Fly’s miraculous, mysterious return) we review some of their good times!

We are still dog/house-sitting for Stan & Edith and keep noticing Fly-look-alikes in their neighborhood. So maybe she did stowaway with us somehow?! We’ve spent hours trying to coax all the black kittens to us with food. Two look a lot like Fly, but we never quite managed to pick them up.

Finally we bought Gris a harness and brought him to the neighborhood, thinking he might attract her, or at least if we could see him with any of the black kittens, we could determine Fly/not-Fly from their interaction.

Mainly we traumatized him, in an already terrible week, but the harness will be useful on our roadtrip back to Indiana in April!

(Phillip is about to nibble on Gris’ ears because he’s so sweet - yes, both hims are so sweet!)

That night (last night) Phillip finally took Gris home to chill, and who was waiting? Fly!! No apparent injury, no blood, and she climbed up into the net to sleep. Wow. Thank you. Weird. Phew. Huh. Purrrrrrr.


Jan Fairchild January 30, 2019

Wonderful news! Thanks for great pictures& words.

mom January 30, 2019

sweet relief!

Anna Lisa Gross February 04, 2019

Exactly! Thanks to you both for celebrating with us!

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