Premature aging

This life has taken years off ours. Mostly sleep deprivation, from leaking beds, sick dogs, needy cats, loud neighbors (mostly the donkey), thunderstorms…

Plus, with Phillip’s excellent internet, Netflix keeps us up late.

Years ago I went through a hard break-up and discovered my first dozen gray hairs. Our Mexico permaculture adVanture is aging me, too. Definitely more gray hairs, and definitely just less hair! Inevitably we forget to duck enough under our shade cloth and the rough edge rips out hair. Or my hair gets caught in the seatbelt mechanism. Or animals walk on my hair when I’m trying to sleep. I feel like I’ll be bald soon, which is stressful, and then I lose more hair. Soon I’ll be as bald as Max.

We are getting fresh air, exercise, fresh food. But I’m not sure it balances the loneliness, worries - and no way does it balance the sleep deprivation! As much as we miss Booker, we know that our pet situation is the main reason we don’t sleep enough, and we’ll be sadly grateful as our pet population diminishes.


Beth November 14, 2018

I’ve been missing Teddy a lot recently, but must admit that those last couple of years with him were very challenging. I feel for you!

Anna Lisa Gross November 18, 2018

Thanks Beth. We know life is a little easier with the 1:1 dog and person ratio, but we miss that sweet Booker. And…we’re already talking about “things we’ll do after the dogs are gone.” Life is full of gray!

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