Life went on

We spent a month in the US visiting family and life went on in El Terreno (por supuesto!) Specifically, the rainy season (which ends in Sept/Oct) continued through November, and plant life and bug life unexpectedly continued to thrive. Like this enormous grasshopper!

Our gardens are overgrown - grasses, poisonous nightshade, but we have plenty of kales, cilantro, radishes, lettuces and even some tomatoes and carrots to eat.

Along the swales the daikon radishes keep coming. We planted them as tillage radishes, to aerate and break up this compacted (clayful) ground. But they’re not quite tough enough - sometimes they’re self-harvesting radishes.

My favorite garden find may be this spider, whose body is over an inch long - it’s gorgeous!

Could it, please, be big enough to take down some grasshoppers?


mom December 07, 2018

what fun, to come home and find all that stuff! did it feel like “coming home”? that spider is amazing.

Beth December 08, 2018

Do the grasshoppers eat the same plants you do?

Anna Lisa Gross December 10, 2018

They do!! They eat the tomatoes directly, but mostly they’re eating the whole leaves off plants and keeping them from producing (beans, corn, etc)

Anna Lisa Gross December 12, 2018

Really did feel like coming home:-) Also felt like we left home behind, too!

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