Happy trails, happy tails

The best thing about living en El Terreno? Hiking. (Avocados are on the list, though.)

We have state-park-worthy hiking hills just up the road, and enjoy them several times a week.

They’re like the US National Parks are these days - trashy. When we first hiked up the road we saw scant trash, occaisonal water bottles left behind by cow herders. Then someone realized they could drive their trash to the end of the road and dump it - for free!! - rather than pay 50 pesos (US$2.50) to have the trash truck pick it up. Grrr.

There are at least 7 dumps of trash up there now, which is

  1. smelly
  2. attracts a pack of wild dogs - good for them, but scary when walking our dogs, so occoasionally we adjust our route a bit
  3. interesting, to see what gets dumped, like so much that I would consider compost, which results in volunteer tomotoes, pepper and squash. I would’ve harvested, but none survive long enough in this dry season to produce anything
  4. really fun for our dogs, who still haven’t complained about the broken glass - phew

It takes five minutes to navigate the dumping ground, then we’re on to higher ground and lovely bare vistas.

How much trash will the building of this new neighborhood leave behind?

The neighbors are concerned that this new development’s sewage is going straight into a creek (no treatment), so enviornmental factors are not on the developer’s priority list. See more of the mess.

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